Apr 092013

Featured on MSNBC’s “Lean Forward” (which really means “lean left”) campaign, Melissa Harris-Perry debunks the notion that kids belong to their parents and urges that we “progress” (progressives always want to progress, but it is never really progress) to the understanding that kids belong to the community.

Since you do not watch MSNBC (NO ONE does, except on YouTube, after the fact), let me give you the rundown on Ms. Harris-Perry. She is the host of the weekend 10 to noon MSNBC show that bears her name. She is also, frighteningly enough (but fitting since college campuses are the harbors and harbingers of communist advancement in America), a professor at Tulane University. She “teaches” political science at Tulane.

Lest you think her thinking on the family is some new revelation, I would first remind you that the former First Lady of these United States Hillary Rodham Clinton wrote her book, It Takes a Village years ago.

As Rush Limbaugh reminds us, the notion of children as wards of the state or belonging to the community is nothing new. It is a central doctrine of Marxism:

“Some of you hear this and you’re livid, and you’re outraged,” Limbaugh said. “The thing that I really want to impress upon you is that this is not far out. This is not new. It is unusual. It used to be … what’s new is she has total confidence in saying it. She’s not worried that a majority of people are going to disagree with it. But this is Marx, Engels, ‘The Communist Manifesto.’ The nuclear family has always been under attack by communists, by leftists. The nuclear family has always, just like religion, must be destroyed and in its place, the community, collective. So while this is outrageous in its self-contained form, it isn’t anything new.”

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Writing for the site you ought to be reading on a regular basis, The American Thinker, William Sullivan throws on the light switch where Harris-Perry and the MSNBC propaganda is concerned:

A Tulane professor and MSNBC host named Melissa Harris-Perry, in a video found here, suggests that your children do not belong to you, but rather, they belong to the collective. If only we can “break through the idea that children belong to their parents or kids belong to their families,” she says, then we can make “betterinvestments” in public education.

The problem with our educational system is that not enough taxpayer money has ever been applied to it, she says. No number of college degrees can make this assumption plausible. Since the 1970s, federal spending on public education has more than doubled, and the results have been not only dismal, but regressive in many areas. So a logical person might come to the opposite conclusion — that increased government influence in education has a negative effect on our children, if educating them about math, science, and linguistic skills is indeed the aim of “education.”

But traditional educational metrics are not what she is talking about. That stuff is just a red herring. No, her true intention is purely socialistic, and the motive is political, not scholastic.

She suggests that children should not be educated by their families, but rather, they should be educated by the state in a manner which the state approves. Since the state administers the education system, it decides upon the textbooks that children read, and the lessons they learn. And if only the state can be given more authority and resources to do so, the collective will thrive.

Another, more famous socialist said something quite similar:

“Let me control the textbooks and I will control the state. The state will take youth and give to youth its own education and its own upbringing. Your child belongs to us already… what are you?”

These are the words of Adolf Hitler. One has to be careful with references to Nazism, because often they are interpreted as outrageous hyperbole. But this is not hyperbole. The purpose of both statements is to destroy the individualism that results from unique family and cultural experiences, and replace it with a homogenized humanity that is engineered by the state. What are you, after all, in the context of the greater collective?

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If you think the assault on the American family began with Barack Obama in 2008, you are sadly mistaken. It began with Obama’s hero Saul Alinsky’s hero Lucifer (to whom Alinsky devoted his book for radicals), and it has been non-stop ever since. But never in the history of this country has the family been the target of such a well-organized, ill-intentioned campaign. The war is being fought on numerous fronts all at once.

This is the Obama Blitzkrieg in a nutshell:

  1. Redefine marriage and the nuclear family. Right now, the Supreme Court is considering the Obama administration’s argument that DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) be declared unconstitutional and set aside, opening the door to redefine marriage. Ostensibly, the reason is to open the door of “equality” to gays and lesbians, but you can bet your sweet assets it runs much deeper than that. Redefine the institution first and then work on “ownership” of the nuclear family (your kids) next. The day will come when you can have them taken from you if you are deemed unfit due to “intolerance.” Mark it down.
  2. Redistribute wealth. Marxism is not really about equality. it is about elimination of the middle class. it is about centralizing power and wealth. Sure, we will all be equally miserable, equally unable to realize the “American dream,” equally dependent on the Nanny state to supply us with jobs, housing, education, etc. So, we have this “universal health care” and await the details of the Obama budget.
  3. Restrict freedoms. Every time the government takes another step to “protect” you, it demands you give up some freedom, some right. You know that any time you hop a plane. Now, they want you to give up your Second Amendment rights in order to be “protected” from gun-toting savages. YOU are the gun-toting savage they have in their sights. Don’t be silly. It is you gun Obama wants.
  4. Remove responsibilities. We have, for decades, bought into the notion that the state can do a better job of educating our children than we parents. We pay our property taxes—and sometimes move to districts where the taxes are higher and the schools are better—so that Uncle Sam can educate (read that “indoctrinate”) little Johnny and Susie. Or Cade and Kara. Or Deion and Desdemona. Or whatever they are naming kids these days. You do not need to worry your pretty little head about teaching values. The school system has “values-based” literature to teach them all about how to fit into the world “properly.” You do not need to worry about nutrition. Mayors will restrict sugary drinks for you. First Ladies will launch campaigns to get your kids in shape. You just keep sitting on your stool of do-nothing and whittling on the stick of care-less. O and his army of thinkers, organizers, legislators, judges and educators will do everything for you. Isn’t that nice?

This statement made by Ms. Communist Manifesto Harris-Perry as part of an MSNBC campaign is not an isolated thought on some educational island. It is a thread in a tapestry of lies. It is a chord in a symphony of deceit. It is a battleground in a war against the American family and America herself.

It takes a village idiot to ignore the implications of such thinking.